What should we name our newborn lambs?

Twin lambs were just born on our family farm! They’re pretty adorable. 

We started with three pregnant sheep about 15 months ago. We have now grown to nine sheep including 2-3 pregnant sheep.  

These are Katahdin sheep, a type of hair sheep. We didn’t want to subject wool sheep to Louisiana summers. Can you imagine? (Actually, I think Louisiana’s only native sheep, the Gulf Coast Native breed, is a wool sheep)

We try to hold the lambs as much as possible so they aren’t so “sheepish” around us. Here are some pictures of the newborn lambs with the family:

And maybe the cutest picture my wife has ever taken … baby Elizabeth and baby lamb:

But, there’s a problem. We don’t know what to name the baby lambs, so we thought we would ask you. 

I’ve made the survey below with some possibilities. There’s AbraRAM & Sarah, because Abraham saved his wife by calling her his sister. That one’s my favorite. My wife’s favorite is Moses & Mirium, which is a pretty sweet combination. This also brings in Passover “Lamb” connotations. 

But feel free to add some write-in candidates. Hopefully, I added that option correctly. Thanks for your help!

What should we name Martha’s newborn twin lambs?

Abraham (“AbraRAM”) & Sarah … because Abraham tricked the king by calling his wife his sister

Benedict & Scholastica … twin Saints

Moses & Mirium … Moses and his ever-watchful sister

Cosmas and Damian (“Dammy/Lamb-y”) … twin Saint physicians

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